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Hide Your Ride Boat and

RV Storage

About Us 

We live for life outdoors, and know that you do too! That's why we are thrilled to share our passion with you by providing you a worry free location to store your outdoor adventure investments. You're in excellent hands with our friendly, professional storage facility at Hide your Ride


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Our storage site is not only surrounded by trees to provide added security and element protection for your toys, but our lot is sand and gravel, meaning your investment will be stored on premium quality hardscape at exceptional rates. With our seasonal 24/7 personalized gated access, multi-angle security surveillance system and convenient location directly off Highway 28, you will be in excellent hands with our team at Hide Your Ride Boat & RV Storage.  

Come and see why we are your best storage choice hands down!

24/7 Video Surveillance

Guard Dogs 

Motion Sensors

Keyless Gated Entry

Firewood for Sale

Caretaker on Site

Mouser Cats

Equipment Rentals 

Military Discounts

Sand/Gravel Hardscape

Highway Access

Open 7 Days a Week

Multi-Vehicle Discounts

14 Foot Wide Stalls 

360 Degree Coverage

What Our Clients Say

Camping in Nature
"Amazing people. Very very helpful, very nice and clean yard. Hidden from the highway and traffic, but amazing place. if you need any help, the lady comes to help in seconds with a smile. I am for sure their lifetime customer. I would never park my trailer anywhere except this place. I really recommend this place."

Abdul H. - Client since 2020

Storage Tips

Hide Your Ride only offers sand/gravel hardscape unlike most other facilities.


Did you know that storing your investment on sand and gravel can increase the longevity of your tires and reduce the likelihood of pests? Unlike gravel however, grass provides a place for mice and other rodents to hide, which can lead to wire chewing and infestation. Similarly, asphalt is also not a great place to store your investment, as it contains petroleum crude oil which can destroy the integrity of your tires. While concrete storage facilities can be extremely costly, sand and gravel provide a natural solution to these problems without the extra cost.

Come see why Hide Your Ride is the best.

Keyless Gated Entry
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