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HYR Firewood

All of our firewood is locally sourced and harvested from seasoned, split pine. We ensure all of our firewood is well seasoned to ensure you the cleanest and hottest burning quality. Pine wood ignites easily and produces an excellent amount of heat, making it an efficient choice for starting and maintaining a fire. Burning pine wood releases a distinct smell, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your campfire or home..


Bulk firewood orders should be placed with as much lead time as possible to ensure product availability. We offer machine loading for all bulk orders, although clients are welcome to hand-load themselves if they prefer. No delivery is available at this time. 

Bundles of firewood are available from the self-serve trailer for HYR clients, or by calling or texting in advance, we also offer placing bundles in your stall for convenience for no additional fee. 


All products are subject to availability and all prices are subject to G.S.T





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