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Our Features & Services

Friendly, Secure and Affordable Storage Solutions 

We live for adventure and know that you do too.


That's why we at Hide Your Ride strive to make your storage as simple, convenient and and pleasant as possible.


Come see why we are different. 


Our Story

Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains, our family grew up with adventure. We are passionate about the outdoors, exploring new places, and sharing our experiences with friends and family.


That is why we are thrilled to share our love for outdoor recreation with our clients. We strive to ensure that our facility provides you the convenience and peace of mind that you deserve, without breaking the bank. Our affordable rates, outstanding customer service, and our security and facility features are unmatched. 

Don't believe us? Call for a quote and a tour of our facility today 



Keypad entry

Keyless Gated Entry 

Our personalized gate codes mean your entry is as simple as entering your code, or we can remotely open the gate for you if ever needed. And what's more, your exit is automatically detected so you don't have to waste a moment heading to your next adventure.

Easy Access

Paved Highway Access

With immediate access to Highway 28, and only 15 minutes north of Edmonton, you can easily access your vehicles. Safe turning lanes off of Highway 28 from both directions, and we have paved access all the way to our facility. 


Assigned Parking Spaces

Your space is yours as long as you have services with us so you never need to worry about losing your assigned spot when camping. 


Winter Access with Reservation

Our regular season is from 15 April to 15 November, but with a simple phone call with at least 2 weeks advance notice, we can provide snow removal and site access to your toys, even in the winter. 

Firewood For Sale

Firewood for Sale 

Skip the overpriced campground firewood. Our pre-packaged dried wood is ready for your next adventure. Made with all recycled material, our bundles of seasoned split pine are easy to purchase; simply call or text and we will place the bundles in your stall for the day you want them. 

Serving those who serve

Veteran Owned and Service Person Discounts

We stand behind our troops!

As a veteran owned and operated business we are proud to serve those who serve. We offer discounts to emergency services, firefighters, military, EPS and RCMP. We thank you for your service!

Gravel Parking

Gravel Hardscape 

Parking on gravel/sand mix increases  longevity of your tires and undercarriage of your RV. It also decreases the risk of pests and rodents. 

Secure and Safe

 Open 7 Days a Week 

Open daily from 6 AM - 11 PM during normal operating season from 14 April - 15 November. Additionally, we live on site, so we are able to provide you emergency access for those unforeseen circumstances. 


Guard Dogs

Our trained guard dogs patrol the property after hours to ensure that your investments are always kept secure and under close watch. 


14 Foot Wide Stalls 

We ensure you have plenty of space to maneuver, open your slideouts, pack and park. With our exceptionally wide stalls, you will never be cramped for space.  

Consistently monitored

24/7 Video Surveillance 

With our multi-angle video surveillance, motion sensors, and motion activated lights, you can rest assured knowing our multi-angle HD surveillance system is always watching over your toys. 


Mouser Cats 

While our sand gravel hardscape keeps the amount of pests to a minimum, our mouser cats take care of the rest. Smokes and Pheonix are our resident mousers and are happy to keep your RVs pest-free. 

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